The Broken Okies

The Broken Okies play Red Dirt/Texas/Americana/Roots (whatever ya wanna call it) music as well as rock ‘n roll and old honky tonk songs from the golden era of Nashville. The best way to truly describe their style would be to say “They are rubbing a little red dirt on the music they play”. They believe country has lost its way and want to revive what they believe country should be.

You sing what you know and put on a good show, those are the words the boys take with them gig to gig every night. To them Red Dirt means you do what you please and if people like it, great, but if they don’t it doesn’t matter. They believe music isn’t about selling a fake image but an expression of yourself. Their role models are bands like Reckless Kelly, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Mickey and The Motorcars, Robert Earl Keen and many more from the original Stillwater music scene such as The Great Divide, Red Dirt Rangers, Jimmy LaFave, and the great Bob Childers.
The thing that sets The Broken Okies apart from the rest is their original songs. Their songs span genres and relate to many different people. Ask people who know The Broken Okies’ songs which one is their favorite and you will get a different answer from one person to the next. You can see the conviction of the band when they play originals as well as how much they love what they do. The crowd has no choice but to notice them and join in the show.


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